Friday, May 14, 2010


Lok Morcha Punjab strongly condemns the killing of one person in Kalinganagar and injuring thirty persons; at the proposed POSCO plant site in Jagatsinghpur, Orissa. It is highly deplorable that 25 platoons of police have been deployed to crush the people defending their land. This incident clearly shows that the Indian state is shamelessly serving the imperialist MNCs in exploiting the forests, rivers, mineral deposits & other natural resources of this country. We fully support your call that the paramilitary forces must be withdrawn; the salwa judum, as well as other similar private militias in other states, must be disbanded; Public facilities – schools, clinics, etc. - occupied by the para-military forces & the police be immediately vacated; The security forces must stop interfering with the rights of people to cultivate their fields, go to markets and engage in their livelihood activities; Illegal arrests, fake encounters and police murders must be halted immediately.
Lok Morcha Punjab fully suports the struggle of the people in defence of their land, livelihood, forests, rivers & mineral wealth.

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