Saturday, June 5, 2010


1. SSP office Lahore,where Saunders was killed by Bhagat Singh--Rajguru on 17th December,1928

2. Phansighat, where Bhagat Singh-Rajguru-Sukhdev and earlier Kartar Singh Sarabha were
executed, now
Shadman Chowk Lahore

3. Bhagat Singh's painting on Jadanwala- Faislabad main highway

4. Primary school Chak No. 105,where Bhagat Singh had his primary education

5. Inside view of Bhagat Singh birth house in Chak No. 105, Lyallpur Bange (Faislabad)-2007

Note: We are thankful to Prof. ( Dr.) Chaman Lal J.N.U. who provided all the above photographs, relating to this post. We are extremely sorry for not having inadvertently mentioned it earlier.

Some years ago Lok Morcha Punjab brought out the pathetic condition of Shaheed Bhagat Singh's ancestral house at village Khatkar Kalan (India). The anti-people rulers of India, are making every possible effort to obliterate the places associated with revolutionary anti-imperialist struggle like Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar by making these as picnic-spots and amusement parks. The rulers in Pakistan are no better. Given above are some photographs of the places associated with Shaheed-e-Azam Bahagat Singh, put on the face-book.

Some of the Pakistani intellectuals have initiated a campaign to raise a national memorial to Bhagat Singh and his companions. They are greatly hurt by the plight of places associated with Bhagat Singh in Pakistan. Here are some interactions on this subject on the face-book:

Syed Asif Shahkar

what a shame for punjabi nation, the birth place of national and international hero in such a shameful and miserable condition.

June 1 at 7:37pm

Dhillon Amandeep mitti nu,es ghar nu..........jithe Bhagat Singh di chho te khusbo vsdi ae........

June 1 at 7:40pm

Syed Asif Shahkar

parnam ki karna sanoo te sherm naal murna chaida hae

June 1 at 8:09pm

Lok Raj

I agree with Asif sahib, saadey layi dubb key maran wali gall aey

June 1 at 9:15pm

Nasreen Khan

Does someone live there now? This place should be restored and be given the historical status.

June 1 at 9:46pm

Chaman Lal

Yes one Faislabad advocate family. Two new rooms have been made,which are in one other photo.Family got 17 acre mango garden of Bhagat Singh's family in the village. Bhagat Singh's family was quite rich

Chaman Lal

Actually it was a big house and now four brothers are sharing.I am forgetting the name now,but i met advocate member of family,they are nice people

June 1 at 9:50pm

Rachana Sagar

Yahan dunlup ka gadda to nahi , par sukun ka ahsas hai yahan sir par chhat to nahi par , par sath hi anupasthit bhotikta ki pyas hai na dar hai kuch lutne ka , na logo ka jeewan star par kiya jane wala parihas hai meri dharti ka har ek gaon anmol hai apne aap me khas hai ...........

Syed Asif Shahkar

I am thank full to all friends who agreed with me. we talk about religious places to restore, but we never talk about such a historical places. I mentioned in my article about rai Ahamad Khan Kharal a great Punjabi hero. I wish Chaman Lal would have visited Kharral's grave. I am sure he would have cried. We punjabis are brain washed about our heros. we have long way to respect and adore our heros.

Wednesday at 2:39am

Chaman Lal

Dear Asif,I really wish to visit 1857'd Punjabi hero Ahmad Khan Kharl house,earlier Ahamd Salim has also mentioned about him,but don't know,when will I get a chance. My salute to the memory of Ahmad Khan Kharl,who brought glory to Punjab by his resistance in 1857, when many feudal lords like of Patiala were courting the British colonialists

Syed Asif Shahkar

Let me ask all Punjabis of the world. Is there any Punjabi who can take an initiative to start a campaign or movement to take over Bhagat Singh's birth place as our national asset and build a monument there.

Thursday at 4:53pm

Nasreen Khan

@Syed Asif Shanker, this should have been done very long ago, but it is never too late, the people should take the initiative and the govt should take it from there. It is a historical place..

Syed Asif Shahkar

Nasreen ji tussen bohat achi gall kiti hae. mera khyal hae ess kum di ibtada tuseen karo, fer ess qafale wich hor lok v shamal ho jan ge. es kum wich v tohadi madad kare ga. tuseen agge lago.

Tariq Yazdani

han edi shrooat asi face book te Saheed Bhagat Sing de ghar noon National asset banaan lai te ohnaan di yagar banaan lai group bananan nal kar sakde haan.

Shahid Akhtar

Shaheed-e-Azam will always remain in the hearts of millions of people - of India and Pakistan. He is a hero of Indian subcontinent.

Sayak Chakraborty

He will remain the ever charming hero of every heart..No boundary can hinder this emotion n love for him n for his sacrifice. Com Bhagat Singh lal salaam.


  1. Photograph kithon laye han,is da credit ki dena nahin banda?

    1. Hon'ble Professor Sahib, tusi vi Shaheed Madan Lal Dhingra di red colour background wali photo de bare nhi likhia Photograph kithon lai hae
      Yours Surinder Kochhar

  2. Dear Sir,
    We are extremely sorry for not having mentioned the source of photographs on this post. It happened inadvertently. Now we have rectified our mistake with due apologies. Plainly speaking we have been brought up, nurtured and educated in such a value system where cause or crusade is given more prominence than the propounder or the crusader. We had the privilege of living under the shadows of such epoch making personalities who sacrificed their entire lives for the people, but did not seek any recognition. Their names did not appear even on their most important theoretical works. It definitely influenced our style of work also, which led to the present lapse. We fully agree with you that ‘photogrphs kithon laye han is da credit dena banda hai’. Thanks for pointing out our mistake.