Monday, January 3, 2011


LOK MORCHA PUNJAB deeply mourns the untimely death of a promising and active student leader of Punjab Sh. Jarnail Singh Jailey. He was State Committee member of the Punjab Students Union and played most active role in various student agitations. He was in the forefront in the fight for preserving the sanctity of Jallianwala Bagh, when the Govt wanted to turn it into a picnic and amusement spot. He died while attending an international meet in Nepal. The true homage to the memory of Sh. Jarnail Singh will be to make the student movement a part of the broad spectrum of peoples resistance movement against imperialist dictated new economic policies and to set up a society free of oppression and exploitation.

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  1. Red Salutes to this valiant crusader against the iron forces of opression who laid the seeds for liberation and the building of one of the most progressive mass organisations in the history of the movement.