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A view of the audience

Ms Sabhjit, daughter of Com Harbhinder Jalal, addressing the Conference

Yashpal, Attarjit Kahanikar, Dr. Parminder Singh, Prof Ajmer Aulakh & Pritpal Singh sitting on dias

Advocate N.K.Jeet Addressing the conference

Yashpal, Attarjit Kahanikar, Dr. Parminder Singh, Prof Ajmer Aulakh, Pritpal Singh and Baru Satwarg, State Committee members of the DFAOGH (Punjab) sitting on dias



In the massive convention held at Rampura, the Democratic Front Against Operation Green Hunt (Punjab) gave a call to the people, especially the intellectuals to come forward to build a mass-based democratic rights movement in the state to expose and fight out the evil designs of anti-people forces, consisting of the State, liquor mafia, goonda gangs and police officials. who have engineered the arrest of Com Harbhinder Jalal in a false case; let loose a reign of repression on the residents of Selbrah & Kotra Kaurian Wala.

Held under the presidentship of noted Punjabi Dramatist Prof Ajmer Aulakh, the conference began with the songs of Jagseer Jeeda, filled with deep sarcasm against the State’s policies.

Noted story-writer and State Committee member of the Democratic Font, Attarjit asserted, citing details from the Fact Finding Report released by the Democratic Front regarding arrest of Com Harbhinder Jalal and attacks on the people of Selbrah & Kotra that the state has panicked over the rising tide of struggles opposing neo-liberal economic policies of the Govt. That is why it has put Harbhinder Jalal, editor of a revolutionary democratic paper “Chamkda Lal Tara” behind bars implicating him in false criminal case and unleashed brutal repression against the people of Selbrah & Kotra.

Advocate N.K.Jeet, addressing the gathering said that arrest, torture and false implication of Harbhinder Jalal in unlawful, terrorist & seditious activities, is violative of the legal principles lad down by the Supreme Court in Dr. Binayak Sen’s bail case and various other pronouncements. At Selbrah, while the person, who has openly admitted of selling illicit liquor for the last nine years, has not been even touched by the police, innocent people, including women, old & infirm persons were brutally beaten up, house hold articles were smashed, and food grain was wasted for opposing illegal sale of liquor. The police and civil administration has not trampled down the law under their feet and has followed the dictates of their political masters. He gave graphic details of the illegal acts of civil & police authorities at Selbrah, and anti people role of Akali politicians.

A very important part of the conference was an inspiring speech by Ms. Sabhjit, daughter of Com Harbhinder Jalal. She said, her father symbolizes a thought and not a person. And the thought can be incarcerated behind bars. She said her father has always worked and struggled for the emancipation of masses from exploitation and repression and she was proud of his sacrifices.

Dr. Parminder Singh (Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar), Co-convener of the Democratic Front, traced the background of intensified attacks on the livings and democratic rights of the people under the neo-liberal economic policies. He said the autocratic character of the state has become more sharp & naked under the economic police regime of Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization. He exhorted the intellectuals to join hands with the pro-people mass organizations to strengthen the democratic rights movement.

Yashpal, another Co-Convener of the Front also called upon the people to build a united peoples’ movement to defend democratic rights. Pritpal Singh moved resolutions demanding unconditional release of Harbhinder Jalal, and the 21 persons arrested at Selbrah; withdrawal of criminal cases registered against them; compensation to all those who suffered loss and damage to their houses and property at the hands of police, at village Selbrah ; closing of illegal liquor vend at Selbrah & Kotra; arrest of the members of liquor-mafia who made murderous attack on the activists of BKU & Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union.

Prof. Ajmer Aulakh, making his concluding remarks, called upon the people, especially the intellectuals to break the inertia and raise their voice in support of democratic rights of the people, particularly the right to organize and struggle for a better life, from all platforms, which is the need of the hour.

The conference was attended by hundreds of people from all walks of life, who heard the speakers with rapt attention, in scorching heat.

BY: N.K.Jeet, SCM

Democratic Front Against Operation Green Hunt Punjab

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