Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Farmers belonging to the 'Bharatiya Kisan Union' (BKU) shout slogans during a rally at Amritsar to protest the killing of their leader, Sadhu Singh Takhtupura
Farmers gathered in huge numbers at Amritsar to pay homage to their leader Shaheed Sadhu Singh Takhtupura
The murder of Sadhu Singh Takhtupura is a statement of the rulers to adopt the policy of political murders to deal with the rising peasant movement in the state. It is a challenge for all mass struggle organizations.
Among those who are involved in the murder of Shaheed Sadhu Singh Takhtupura is the land-grabber gang of ex-Akali MLA Veer Singh Lopoke and his son-in-law Police Inspector Rachhpal Singh ‘Baba’, who is already under suspension due to custodial murder of a farmer. Lopoke is a close aide of Parkash Singh Badal in the area.
Long Live Revolution! Shaheed Sadhu Singh Takhutupura,Amar rahe!

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